La Petite Ourse was born in 2013 from the idea of making washable diapers accessible to as many families as possible. After several months of work, research and testing, we managed to develop products that met the high standards of moms. It was after several discussions as well as two trips to China that a strong and lasting relationship with our supplier was established in 2013.

Thanks to our two boys, we had the chance to test all our products! We are proud to ensure our clients the best quality around, offering an additional two year warranty on our washable diapers. My experience allows me to offer you expertise, ideas and support during the purchase, but also to help you throughout your use.
La Petite Ourse is committed to make washable diapers accessible to a wider clientele by offering competitive prices. We strive to help countless families save thousands of dollars.

Do not hesitate to contact us; it is with pleasure that we will answer all your questions!


Our mission

We want cloth diapering to be as simple and accessible as possible. Placing our priority on an unparalleled client experience, we are proud to have helped more 30 000 familles save since 2013.

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